• San Diego home remodeling contractors.

      Direct Design & Remodel is a home remodeling contractor that provides well-planned renovations for kitchens, bathrooms or whole homes in San Diego. We are one of many home remodeling contractors, but we get the results you want for your project while maintaining your budget.

    • kitchens remodels

      Kitchens are the heart of the home, so it is important to find the right layout and function for your new kitchen remodel. 

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    • Bath remodel San Diego.

      Bathroom remodels by Direct Design & Remodel are designed to maximize your bathroom space and storage and to make it durable with cost-effective solutions. 

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    • Complete home remodeling projects include full renovation or home improvement features for interiors and exteriors. 

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    • We build all sorts of additions to give your home the space you need. Having some extra space is a great opportunity to build a new room like a dining room or a family room.

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    • Whether you want to lounge and relax outside or entertain guests for an outdoor dinner party, we can enhance your patio or backyard to accommodate a variety of activities.

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      Direct Design & Remodel is a local home remodeling company in San Diego that proves expertise. From day one, our expert home remodelers guide local San Diego homeowners to make the right choices for their remodeling or renovation. 

    • What customers say about us.

    • "I had to find someone I could trust to get my kitchen done. They were able to look at my kitchen space and balance my budget on the spot. There were no runarounds, just honest opinions and direct solutions. This gave me more options and it opened the door for a new bathroom remodel."

      Started with a kitchen remodel, ended up with a new kitchen and a new bathroom Donna, San Diego, Ca.

    • "My wife just wanted our bathroom to look nice. Direct Design & Remodel build us this San Diego traditional bathroom remodel with a comfortable, modern look. I was just amazed because budgetwise I thought we were a little tight, but Direct Design & Remodel made it possible. It changed the house, it boosted it, in terms of value, in terms of comfort."

      Bathroom renovations, fixtures changed to make a wider space Terry, San Diego, Ca.

    • "I felt they were involved from day one. They had this honest approach to things and this is what made me go with them. My remodeling ideas were good but these people had so much more perspective and they were so professional. The design and the remodeling was well-executed. They ran inspections all the time, everything they did was inspected, and this made me fell protected that things were being done the right way."

      Full Home remodeling Haley, San Diego, Ca.