• Kitchen Remodel Planning For San Diego homes.

    Kitchen remodeling in San Diego will liven up your home so a good kitchen remodel planning needs to be done. Our kitchen remodel solutions will benefit your home for both personal appeal and for potential upgrade to your home's market value in San Diego.
    Kitchen remodel planning at Direct Design & Remodel in San Diego contemplates the homeowner's lifestyle so that your dream kitchen can fit your home's general taste. Kitchen functionality is also important to take into account because we will understand how you and your family live in your kitchen. Our comprehensive kitchen remodel approach helps us give your home remodeling budget the right direction.

    So if you are looking for a General Contractor in San Diego, look no further Direct Design & Remodel is your best choice when it comes to kitchen remodeling in San Diego.

  • Kitchen remodel evaluating your kitchen space.

    Kitchen remodels in San Diego increase a home's sale cost if kitchen remodel planning is done right. Good kitchen remodel planning equals a well-designed kitchen, which equals potential buyers. If you are thinking of selling your home after having your kitchen remodeled expect a high estimate of recovery.

    Evaluate Your Kitchen Space

    Kitchen remodeling starts with evaluating your kitchen space. Kitchen workflow is the way you and your family use your kitchen space everyday, so we take a look at how you currently work in your kitchen and how you would like to se your kitchen workflow. This comprehensive approach helps us define your kitchen remodel design.