• Direct Design & Remodel's Complete home remodel San Diego features

    Direct Design & Remodel does full home remodeling service in San Diego which includes any features of renovation or home improvement. As part of the complete home remodeling process we make home improvements that upgrade plumbing and electrical installments for interiors. For exterior projects, we carry out masonry, siding, roofing and other jobs. Painting is also part of the full home renovation.

  • Upgrading for comfort in a full renovation in San Diego with Direct Design & Remodel

    Full home remodeling includes special features like upgrading rooms with luxuries such as beautiful granite countertops or bath installments like marble vanities in San Diego. We do upgrades to plumbing and electrical systems help increase their capacity for your comfort. These upgrades will improve heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. We also carry out waterfproofing for basements and soundproofing for bedrooms and baths.

  • The importance of home remodeling

    It is important to understand that a full home remodeling should be done under specific circumstances. A good example is if you are selling your home. Another good reason would be if a kitchen or a bathroom needs renovation, then good planning should be made and a full home remodel should be considered.

  • Upgrading for maintenance in a full home remodel in San Diego with Direct Design & Remodel

    Direct Design & Remodel in San Diego provides full home remodeling of your home that may need roof replacement, concrete and masonry repairs, repainting, and/or electrical and plumbing system repairs.

  • Thinking ahead, planning your home remodeling

    Planning is important because it helps you understand the costs, the obstacles, the turmoil, the pros and the cons, and a bunch of other factors that need to be contemplated when doing any type of renovation. Direct Design & Remodel does the planning of your home remodel to detail in the best way to save you time, money, and effort.

  • Which home improvement will really pay off

    Consider a renovation in the long run. Short term renovations are usually small ones. But if you are investing in your home you should think of the future. Why not do a complete renovation or full home remodeling when you have a chance? Common remodeling projects such as painting or putting up a dry wall could come in handy in the short term. Hiring a professional to do the work will pay off way more in the end because if you plan to sell your home, a remodeling alone ups the value of your house in the market. On the other hand, if your not planning to sell you do not have to worry about plumbing issues or flooring problems or other things.

  • Why hire a professional like Direct Design & Remodel for a full home remodel

    Hiring a professional will save you time and money because doing it is an investment. A low investment will give you low results and tackling a large project is far from a low investment. Hire Direct Design & Remodel, a professional home contractor, and your home will be reconditioned.